Over two-thirds of all home loans in the United States are conventional and follow strict guidelines prescribed by banks to facilitate faster processing and minimize risk at scale. These types of loans are not an option for most of our clients.


Over two-thirds of all home loans in the United States are conventional and follow strict guidelines prescribed by banks to facilitate faster processing and minimize risk at scale. These types of loans are not an option for most of our clients.

W&J- Services and Sphere of influence

Sphere Of Influence

When a client with complex finances comes to W & J for a loan, we take an individualized approach to lending, designed to grasp all the complexities, choose the right lending product, consider layered tax scenarios, structure the loan, and properly present the loan to our lender-partners.

We call this approach Individualized Lending. Individualized Lending gets its arms around financial complexity, providing lending solutions that take into account challenges faced by our clients, including foreign national and self-employed clients.Critical stages of this process include deeper understanding of a client’s business and assets, thorough review by our in-house CPA for tax implications, and use of a problem-solution storytelling structure that mitigates risk.

Individualized Lending aligns the needs of our clients and our lender-partners.

Accept Plus Program (no Tax Returns Required)

The Ideal Mix of Customized Products and Core Expertise for the Self-Employed, Wage Earners, Investors, and Recently Retired.

W & J Financial group structures customized no-tax return loan programs for the self-employed, wage earners, and retired borrowers who have excellent credit and strong liquid reserves. Whether you are looking to purchase a new home, refinance an existing home, or take cash out from your existing home, W & J Financial Group has access to several lending sources to match clients’ unique financials with our strategic partners.

No Income Verification Required

Our Accept Plus Program is aimed to offer financial products for self-employed clients who are difficult for traditional banks to underwrite. Rates are competitive and loans are available up to $25 million with as little as a 20% down payment.

  • Ideal for clients who are self-employed, have very complex financials, outside the box scenarios, or are retired. Stated income options are available in certain circumstances with attractive rates.
  • Primary, vacation, and investment properties are eligible.
  • Loans from $540K to $25 Million and loan-to-value (LTV) up to 80% of property value.
  • Non-traditional underwriting: income statement and balance sheet analyzed including non-liquid assets such as real estate assets, private stock, and art.
  • Revocable, Irrevocable, LLC, LP, or corporate entity structures all welcome.
  • 1031 Exchange transactions with loan made to entity permitted.
  • Cross collateralization of other real estate assets
  • Interest-only loans available for both No Tax Return and Bank Statement Loan Programs also.

Investment Property Loans to $25 Million

Business purpose and no-tax return loan programs designed specifically for residential property investors and high-end residential developers.Investment Property Loans, 1 – 4 and 4-16 Units.

W & J Financial Group has a deep understanding of real estate investors, and we underwrite investment property loans with or without tax returns. We leverage a variety of underwriting methods to assess which program best fits with your financial profile. This includes focusing solely on property cashflow or valuation. We also don’t limit the number of Properties you own. If needed we can close purchases in less than 30 days in many cases.

Alternatively, we offer programs with highly competitive interest rates that account for both rental property cashflow, as well as your income statement and balance sheet. Our lenders also make loans directly to LLC limited partnerships (LP) or corporations and provide interest-only adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM’s) with no limit to cash-out proceeds.
In addition, we offer interest-only loans that can massively aid property cashflow. Most loan programs for rental and investment properties carry no prepayment penalty. Rates are fixed from 5 years up to 10 years. Loan terms are 30 years.

In many cases these loans do not require tax returns as part of the underwriting process. The focus of the underwriting is centered around your credit score and the property rental income. For purchases, the appraiser will complete a rental survey unless the property is currently rented. The final loan amount will be determined by us after a review of the appraisal and the rental survey from the appraiser. This loan option is reserved solely for vacation rentals and investment property 1-4 unit single family homes.

Foreign National Program

The ideal mix of flexible products and lending expertise for foreign nationals.

W & J Financial Group has built unique lending relationships with sophisticated local banks and credit unions. We can use foreign income and in many case’s, we don’t need tax returns. We also assess foreign-based financial documents. All Programs are customized, and we offer coaching on items that may be needed to qualify prior to the purchase process.

  • No US credit required. Foreign tax returns OK. Foreign assets allowed.
  • Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) permitted. Borrowers not required to have a social security number.
  • Unique jumbo lending programs available for expatriates and borrowers currently living abroad for primary, second home, and investment properties.
  • Loan amounts up to $25 million
  • Interest-only loan programs available from 3 to 10 years with a 30-year term.
  • Irrevocable, blind trust, Limited Partnership, Corporate, and LLC vesting all welcome.

High-end Bridge Loans

Looking for a bank-financed or privately placed construction loan, construction take-out loan, or fix and flip rehab loan? Take advantage of W & J Financial Groups long-standing relationships with lenders who close on time, make fast decisions, and honor their terms. Bridge Loans require no income and just assets. Credit scores if a barrier can go as low as 680 Fico.

  • W & J Financial Group leverages the unique relationships we’ve developed with boutique commercial banks and private investors to underwrite 1-4 single family residences and apartment buildings.
  • The loan process is quick and does not require your tax returns to qualify. Instead, you provide a personal financial statement and work experience history as a property developer, as well as details about the professional team you’re hiring for your project. Loans are available from $540k – $25M. Letters of intent (LOI) are provided by the lender usually within 48 hours of a streamlined financial and project-related packages

Legacy Preservation – A heightened sense of purpose

For many wealthy families, purpose and legacy play a large role in not only how they run their businesses but also the way they interact with both local and global communities. Purpose, however, can mean very different things to different private clients and their families.

At W & J Financial Group we review all of your real estate holdings and ensure you have the least amount of risk while also utilizing equity if necessary to fund projects.  It can relate to a business but more commonly it involves philanthropic endeavors that wealthy families can bring to the outside world, including the communities in which they live and run their businesses.

Some families prefer to establish foundations to support specific causes; others want to be really hands-on with their philanthropy; while some prefer to maintain a distance. And there is often a significant cultural aspect to this, a sense of duty or, indeed, a religious responsibility.

Purpose can also be about family cohesion. “Many of our private clients are focused on building and leaving a legacy,” Says Todd “And sometimes a foundation or charity is one way of the family working together.”

And we believe Real Estate is a driver in this process.

Self Employed

At W & J Financial Group Inc we understand that when self-employed it’s tougher, especially with banks, to qualify. There are so many scenarios that common sense just does not prevail when bank Underwriters are reviewing complex tax structure. At W & J Financial Group we coach and have tools and programs that focus just on this segment of the mortgage process.

While self-employed borrowers are held to the same lending standards as W-2 workers, the mortgage process itself can be more challenging. Banks will need to consider the stability and viability of your business along with your income, since revenue can fluctuate. And the paperwork for self-employed borrowers can be a never-ending collection process.

At W & J Financial Group not only do we ensure the process is seamless, but we have access to programs that few other Banks offer. And we have almost no loan limit restrictions with loans all the way to $25 Million.

Below are a few examples:

Bank Statement Loans – These programs ask that you provide 12-24 months of your business and or personal bank statements. They want to see steady deposits (income) flowing into your bank accounts. This will be the basis for how you will be approved for the self employed mortgage. No tax returns will be required.

One Year Tax Return – The one year tax return mortgage is also for our self employed borrowers. This program will help those who may have only been in business for 1 year and can qualify by providing just one year of fully documented income on their tax returns.

Asset-Based Loans
An asset-based loan or asset utilization loan uses assets as income. Whether you are a retiree with a small fixed income, a new business or an established company that needs to maintain a high cash flow, the ease and benefits of asset-based loans and mortgages have made them a popular solution for our self employed clients.

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